This is Pyramix Studios.

Located in the northwest Phoenix Metro area, Pyramix Studios is a full-service recording studio set in a secluded and gated private courtyard.

The studio is powered by a digital recording workstation featuring Pro Tools Ultimate with HDX and a suite of plugins from leading manufacturers, and we have quality outboard gear from API, SSL, Neve, Universal Audio, and many others ready to be patched in. Our wide range of microphones ensures that we can capture the best sound from any performance, and our artist amenities make the recording process as painless as possible. With decades of combined experience, our staff engineers and producers have the skills needed to make any project sound exactly the way you want it to.

Pyramix Studios also offers a comfortable environment, to ensure that artists, producers, and engineers can work with minimal stress. Indoor and outdoor lounges offer great places for creative collaboration or rest during downtime. With ample comfortable seating everywhere, there's plenty of room for you and your entourage to relax. Lighting controls and personal headphone mixes help give artists the perfect environment for their performances.

Whatever the project, Pyramix Studios is ready to make sure you have the best experience and the best production possible.

Want to talk to one of our staff members?

(602) 36-AUDIO / (602) 362-8346

Give us a call any time if you want to talk about the studio or your project, or if you're ready to book a session.

What we do

We're ready for audio projects of any shape and size. From recording a single sound effect to putting together an entire album from scratch, Pyramix Studios has you covered.

Gear for every occasion

Our state-of-the-art digital recording workstation, top-tier outboard gear, numerous microphone selections, and monitoring environment ensure that you'll have everything you need for your project.

See the studio

Want to see what's inside the pyramid, but you're not ready to schedule an in-person tour yet? Check out our gallery of shots from inside and outside the studio.